Joseph Winchester

Joseph Winchester was born on 2nd February 1818 in Hurstmonceux the son of Samuel and Ann Winchester. Joseph was the miller at Oldland Mill and was the first miller to scribe his name on the post in 1839. Whilst nothing is known of his early life, he certainly had gone to school as he could at least write his name. In 1841 he was living at the Mill with George and Charlotte Buckwell. George was employed as the Loader, Joseph as the Miller. Joseph married Frances Packham in 1842 in Clayton, they had 6 children born at Keymer. Joseph employed a second miller, a journeyman called Harry Farncombe, and his nephew William Packham was an apprentice by 1851. However, by October 1855 Joseph was insolvent and an assignment was granted to trustees Lewis Slight of Burgess Hill and James Wood Esq., of  Keymer. Joseph though continued to be employed as the miller at Oldland, until 1860, but by 1861 he had moved to Nuthurst, where he worked as a miller.

Text from: “The Millers’ of Old Land Mill” by Colin Hewitt.